Everyone is Welcome

We have one goal at St. Louis Challenger Baseball: To make friends.

When we play baseball we don’t count outs, we don’t count runs, all players bat and play the field every inning. We do modify the game for the fun of each player.

We seek to have a buddy (people who don’t have a disability between the ages of 10 and 25) for each of our players. Not only do our players make great friends with their teammates, but they make great friends with their buddies. Come join us. It’ll be the most fun you’ll have… well, anytime.

Players from all locations, register anytime. Please register even if you’ve played before.

Buddies, register anytime also, but you don’t have to register if you’ve registered before.

Let’s Play Ball!

Let’s make some friends and play some baseball. We still have concerns regarding COVID-19. We all want make sure our players are in the safest possible environment. To that end we will be in constant contact with doctors and medical professionals as we move forward. Since many of our players have compromised immune systems we are going to strongly recommend vaccines, and we would appreciate it if you would consider wearing KN95 masks that cover the mouth and nose on the field for buddies if your player is wearing one. 

If any player, buddy or person on the field tests positive for COVID-19 the week after a game it’s very important that you let us know for the safety of our players and buddies. If that happens, the very next game will be cancelled. We will resume the season the next weekend after the cancellation.

All players and buddies must register online and agree to the COVID-19 waiver, or sign a paper waiver at the field.

We are all together when we say we are just so tired of this virus. But we are determined to not let it beat us. Let’s have a great time, see our old friends, and make a ton of new ones. Can’t wait to see everyone on the field!

Thank you.